About us

WinPower was founded in Taiwan in July 2003 of Ring Line Corp. ( Radio research and development Division) and for business development issue, spin off from Ring Line Corporation, and to be a subsidiary under Ring Line Group, Ring Line Group System Ltd.


We focus on RF jamming products; strong RD team with over 20 years of RF design experience. We supply U/VHF, cellular phone jammer, wireless audio/video/data transmitters, surveillance products...etc. Our production is subject to subcontracting manufacturing from efficient OEM manufacturing plants. We put emphasis on the product development system integration, and ODM/OEM business establishment providing knowledge of product application and integration of different products into a valuable combination. You can also take advantage of our OEM/ODM services; R&D team is capable of carrying out your special product requirements. In addition, we provide FREE one-year warranty for all products. We welcome inquiries regarding custom brands for OEMs. Once again, welcome to Winpower and thank you for your interest in our products and services.


Leading provider of advanced electronic warfare technology solutions.


Focusing on Cellular and Conventional jammers.


Capable to provide its customerize made equipment.


Coordinate the specifications with the customer and will tailor the best solution and equipment to your needs!